Take Your Small Business To The Next Level With Remote Access Software

If your company is on the lookout for an efficient and effective method of enabling multiple users to have easy access to its internal IT setup through a host of various devices then we at North Bridge Secure have the perfect software solution for you. We recommend you incorporate NetConnect, a remote access software which offers a highly elegant and simplistic method of allowing a company’s human resource to work and carry out their tasks more remotely. This implies to the comfort of their homes, a client meeting or an international location around the world for a business purposes. Our software allows such remote staff and employees to have easy and quick access to protected files through a device of their preference without compromising on security standards, making it a highly suitable VPN replacement.

NetConnect makes it possible for any company to get the most out of any situation and ensure that all work gets done immediately, without having to make any drastic changes towards how things normally gets done. Not only is the remote access service easy to implement but it also very simple to understand. NetConnect requires minimum training due the software’s simple yet efficient User Interface and data management. This results in drastic cost savings for a company that would normally be required to ensure that its human resource is provided with the proper training before fully implementing new software. Moreover, the implemented UI makes it possible to install the software on any device which further enhances the simplicity that NetConnect offers to its users.

Ensuring that data is accessed in a highly secure manner is one of the strongest and most attractive aspects of NetConnect. Any comoany data that is accessed from external environments is exposed to much greater risk factors as compared to data that is normally accessed within the facilities of a company. The remote access software is designed to ensure that all data accessed by any authorized personnel is available to them in a the most secure manner. The encryption on the software is virtually impossible to breach or hack, enabling crucial data to remain with authorized personnel at all times. This effectively removes the greatest risk factor associated with modern information technology threats. So, whether your staff access company files through a simple USB or a consumer-grade file sharing cloud service, NetConnect ensures that a company has complete control over the security of such sensitive data and files.

With the rising risk and threats associated with data breach and information hacks, we at North Bridge Secure aspire to provide the best software solutions to such problems. So if your company requires greater control over its Azure remote access Australia files then call us right away and get in touch with us at +612 8424 7987 and let us guide you in how we can provide you with the perfect software solutions for your sensitive data and secured files. All of our staff are highly trained and are dedicated to providing you with the perfect software solution to take your company to new and improved heights.

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